Avian Phylogenetics

Macroevolutionary studies of the evolution of behavior, nanostructures and structural colors, feather morphology, and feather pigmentation patterns all require phylogenetic hypotheses. Since comparative methods are essential to my research, I have a long running interest in phylogenetic reconstruction. Initially based in on morphological characters from the syrinx, skeleton, and plumage, I have begun modest phylogenetic projects based on molecular characters (e.g. Prum et al. 2000). At Yale, I will be expanding my efforts in molecular sequencing and phylogenetic reconstruction, specifically within the suboscine passeriforms, a clade which includes about 10% of all avian biological species. The Yale Molecular Systematics and Conservation Genetics Lab (http://www.yale.edu/yibs/research/ecolab.html) provides advanced facilities and training for graduate and undergraduate students for PCR, DNA sequencing, genetic fingerprinting, and other molecular techniques.


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